How long is the securities arbitration process?

The length of a typical FINRA securities arbitration case will depend upon the facts involved. In general, those cases tend to last between 9 months and 2 years. They may be longer or shorter, dependent upon, first, how many defendants or respondents are involved. The more that are involved, the more lengthy, is typically the […]

Can heirs bring claims on behalf of deceased parents?

When it comes to resolving investment losses, it is common for heirs to bring FINRA arbitration actions for investors who have deceased. This is because a disproportionate share of FINRA arbitration actions are filed either by or on behalf of elderly individuals who are taken advantage of by their financial advisors.

What is a sophisticated investor?

The term sophisticated investor is a term that is used in the investment or securities community. It is a term used to explain an investor that has a certain level of net worth and income. It is assumed that if that investor has that level of net worth and income that they know more than […]

Will the child support be reviewed in the future?

Typically child support obligations are not automatically reviewed in the future. Such a review is triggered by one of the parties demanding that such a review take place. The other side can either cooperate or else a supplemental petition or another filing in the divorce court will be necessary to do this. Sometimes people can […]