Equitable Distribution

How is property divided in Florida?

The division of assets and liabilities in a dissolution of marriage action typically and generally goes as follows: assets and liabilities are segregated into two separate piles. One pile is the non-marital pile. The other pile is the martial pile. The non-marital pile typically consists of assets and liabilities which were accrued outside of the […]

What is marital property in Florida?

Marital property in Florida is the term that generally describes marital assets and liabilities. When you look at the pile of assets and liabilities that exists between parties, prior to a divorce, they are typically divided into two different types, non-marital assets and liabilities, and marital assets and liabilities. Non-marital assets and liabilities typically stay […]

What is separate property in Florida?

Separate property is the term that is sometimes used to describe non-marital assets and liabilities. All of the assets and liabilities of the parties in the divorce action are typically classified in two different piles. One pile being the non-marital asset or liability which is typically awarded to or stays with the party who owned […]

What is equitable distribution in Florida?

Equitable Distribution is the legal term given for dividing the parties assets and liabilities in a divorce case. That is one of the issues and some times one of the biggest issues in any given divorce. Under Equitable Distribution, assets and liabilities are characterized as either marital or non-marital. Non-marital assets and liabilities going to […]