How long is the securities arbitration process?

The length of a typical FINRA securities arbitration case will depend upon the facts involved. In general, those cases tend to last between 9 months and 2 years. They may be longer or shorter, dependent upon, first, how many defendants or respondents are involved. The more that are involved, the more lengthy, is typically the […]

Can heirs bring claims on behalf of deceased parents?

When it comes to resolving investment losses, it is common for heirs to bring FINRA arbitration actions for investors who have deceased. This is because a disproportionate share of FINRA arbitration actions are filed either by or on behalf of elderly individuals who are taken advantage of by their financial advisors.

What is a sophisticated investor?

The term sophisticated investor is a term that is used in the investment or securities community. It is a term used to explain an investor that has a certain level of net worth and income. It is assumed that if that investor has that level of net worth and income that they know more than […]

How can I recover money lost due to investment negligence or abuse?

When an investor initially enters into a relationship with a financial advisor a lot of paperwork is signed. That paperwork almost always includes a required arbitration agreement. As such, if there is a dispute between the investor and their advisor, they have agreed that they will proceed to resolve that dispute through a FINRA Arbitration […]

Does FINRA arbitration allow for multiple claimants in one case?

FINRA arbitration does allow for multiple claim incidents in one case, but only in very limited circumstances. Typically, husbands and wives together, bring an arbitration action. Sometimes, they bring it with their minor children, who may have trusts. Sometimes, maybe even another family member that shares in the joint ownership of the account that went […]

What obligations does my stockbroker owe me?

A stock broker owes you a wide variety of obligations, well beyond the scope of a short discussion. However, in general, a stock broker or financial advisor owes their client the duty of honesty and fair dealing. How that applies to your particular facts will depend upon those particular facts. The best way to understand […]

What is the statute of limitations on bringing a securities fraud claim?

The statute of limitations concerning a securities fraud claim being brought through FINRA is really a moving target. It is less precise than the concept of a statute of limitations when going through traditional litigation in the court system. That aside, a statute of limitations will depend upon the facts. They can be as short […]

What is the eligibility rule, in reference to arbitration?

The eligibility rule in reference to FINRA arbitration actions concerns whether or not your particular grievance is eligible to be determined by the FINRA organization through arbitration. They don’t decide all types of actions, only those which come within their purview. It is typically though used when it comes to the concept of a statute […]