Child Custody

What if both parents agree on child custody and visitation in Florida?

Parents are encouraged to decide amongst themselves how to split up the time sharing, custody and visitation rights for their children. Most parties do do this. If you do a judge will almost agree with your decision and incorporate into your divorce decree. On those rare occasions when parents cannot do that, that particular issue […]

How is the amount of child support determined in Florida?

Child support in Florida is determined by a formula. That formula can be found in Chapter 61 of the Florida statutes. There are a variety of inputs that go into the formula to give you the correct amount of child support. Those inputs include the net monthly income of the father, the net monthly income […]

Can nonbiological parents be awarded custody?

Non-biological parents and time sharing needs to be broken into two different circumstances. First, if you’re talking about a parent that has adopted a child they are treated identically under Florida law as a parent that is a biological parent. They have all of the same rights when it comes to time sharing. A second […]

What are the requirements to move to another state with my children?

There’s a large body of Florida law on this particular topic, which concerns the relocation of minor children more than fifty miles from their current residence. There’s a Florida statute which contains factors to be considered by the court. Trying to analyze any particular case without knowing the facts is nearly impossible. It is really […]

What is a parenting plan?

Parenting plan is a Florida term applied to the terms of a time-sharing custody or visitation arrangement. It lists where the child shall go on a routine basis during typical school weeks. It outlines holiday time sharing or visitation, summertime time sharing or visitation and a whole myriad of other facts about how the child […]