High Net Worth Divorce

Are there alternatives to litigation in divorces involving substantial assets?

There are many alternatives to litigating high net worth divorces where there are substantial assets. In fact, most high asset divorces do settle relatively early on because the litigants involved can quite often put their harsh feelings aside and focus on what is important, the concept that this is primarily a big business deal. And […]

What types of issues make high net worth divorces unique?

Every high net worth divorce is unique, depending upon the particular assets and liabilities involved in the family financial pie. Some are relatively simple; all assets being invested in very simple investments with very few debts. Others are quite to the contrary, involving complex assets, small businesses, and the like. In the more complicated cases, […]

Why do I need an attorney who has experience with high net worth divorces?

High net worth divorces need an attorney with experience in those types of cases. They are complicated. They have facts that need to be unearthed and understood. An attorney that administers a high net worth divorce successfully must have not only legal skills to conduct the case, but also have accounting skills, potentially real estate […]

Why are high net worth divorces considered more challenging?

High net worth divorces are more challenging because they are more complicated. You need, first, to hire an attorney who has both the experience and the education to deal with these complicated facts. They need areas of expertise other than simply being a great lawyer, including areas such as accounting, real estate, finance and investing, […]