Will my soon-to-be ex-wife be entitled to any pension I earn after our Florida divorce?

Pensions are considered assets in a divorce action. Some assets are marital assets and some assets are non-marital assets. Non-marital assets go to the party who currently owns them in their entirety. Marital assets get equally divided between the parties. Now, pensions can be sometimes entirely marital, if they’re earned during the marriage; or entirely […]

In my Florida divorce case, will I have to pay for my spouse’s attorney?

Potentially attorney’s fees are awarded from one party to the other in a dissolution of marriage action. In most cases that doesn’t occur, but in some cases it does. Attorney’s fees can potentially be awarded during the pendency, or while the action is pending. The purpose of this is to keep one party from being […]

What happens if we reconcile and want to cancel the divorce?

Parties going through a pending dissolution of marriage action can reconcile at any time prior to the issuance of a final judgment of dissolution of marriage, a court order of divorce, by a judge. You can reconcile early on in the process. You can even reconcile way deep into the process after a contested final […]

Can I make my husband repay the money he cleaned out of my bank account?

Missing money at or about the time of a divorce filing creates a lot of problems for a lot of divorces. In general, the date of filing is when a court assesses assets that should be divided between the parties. But that is a general presumption that is not an absolute. If money is inappropriately […]

Can a spouse prevent a court from granting a divorce in Florida?

In general, if one party wants to get divorced in Florida, the divorce is going to take place. The court only has to find that the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken. That only requires one party to feel that way. There are certain exceptions to this statement, but they are few and far […]

What papers do I need when I start a divorce case in Florida?

When you start a divorce case in Florida, you are expected by the courts to exchange documents with the other side. The concept is known as “mandatory financial disclosure.” The rules list an initial 16 different types of documents which both sides are supposed to exchange. Some of them will apply to your case and […]

What are the most common financial mistakes made during divorce?

Well the most common financial mistake I see being made in many divorce actions is when someone gets involved in the process without understanding the process and their facts first. It is really important when getting divorce, to have a very in-depth case analysis so you understand the relevant facts of your case, you understand […]