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Florida’s Pinellas County has a long history which stretches as far back as being inhabited by the Tocobadga Indians for thousands of years up until when it was developed in the 20th century. It was not until January 1st, 1912 when Pinellas County, and the peninsula, along with the tiny portion of mainland which this county occupies, saw formal roadways being finally developed.

Shortly after that aviation history was made when Tony Jannus was able to accomplish the world’s first scheduled commercial airline flight. Since then all of Florida experienced an extensive and notable land boom (including Pinellas County) and on January 1st, 2012 the county celebrate it’s 100 years of existence.

Divorce has always been notably high in Florida. According to a study performed by the American Community Survey and the Daily Beast, Florida has more cities in the top 10 of “being divorced” than any other.

Paternity in Pinellas County

Unfortunately, a lot of these divorces involve parents and children. When this happens, the issue of paternity is often brought up, something which the Anton Legal Group attorneys are experts in handling.

Presumed Vs. Acknowledged Fathers

In paternity cases, there are typically two primary issues which come into play:

  1. Acknowledged fathers
  2. Presumed fathers

Acknowledged fathers are typically the biological father of a child which is born to unmarried parents. The father will have stated paternity or both parents have agreed that the father is, indeed, the father.

Presumed fathers may meet any one of the following conditions to be considered to be the father of a child:

  • The man was married to the mother when the child was conceived or born
  • The man attempted to marry the mater and the child was born/conceived at that time
  • The man married the mother after the birth and agreed to have his name on the birth certificate and/or to support the child
  • The man welcomed the child into his home and treated the child as one of his

What to Do If Your Paternity Is in Question

Whether you believe that you are the father of a child or are not, the personal injury attorneys at Anton Legal Group are able to help. We have helped a number of fathers reclaim their rights and be able to carry on and enjoy successful lives after the outcomes of the cases we have settled or won.

If you are a father or supposed father who is at his wit’s end, the time to seek solace is now. We offer free consultations and would love to speak with you. Our attorneys can be reached at (813) 443-5249.

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