Collaborative Divorce

Who makes up the collaborative divorce team?

The collaborative divorce team is made up, first, of two attorneys, one attorney representing each side of the case. There is also a neutral facilitator. This is the person in the middle who represents neither party and helps guide you through the process. There are other neutral facilitators that are hired on an as-needed basis, […]

Is collaborative divorce expensive?

Collaborative divorce can be expensive, but is also likely much less expensive than contested litigation. In collaborative divorce, each side typically hires an attorney. Both sides hire one or more collaborative neutral experts, usually two to three of them, and all of them must be paid for their efforts. How much a collaborative divorce will […]

In a collaborative divorce in Florida, will I still go to court?

If your collaborative divorce process is successful, as most are, then you still go to court for about five minutes. It’s a relatively happier day in court. It’s an uncontested hearing where the agreement is showed to the judge, the judge blesses it, and issues a court order divorcing you based upon the terms of […]

How is collaborative divorce different from litigation in Florida?

Collaborative divorce is very different than litigation in Florida. In collaborative divorce, parties agree up front that they are going to attempt and use their best efforts to settle their divorce issues through negotiations, as opposed to fighting in litigation. They both hire attorneys that know how the collaborative process works, and there is special […]

Who should consider collaborative divorce in Florida?

Collaborative divorce should be considered by most couples. It’s a wonderful concept. An agreement to enter into a collaborative divorce, which can be rescinded at any time during the process, should be entered into or taken more seriously if the following exist: Number one, both sides are serious about settling their case. Number two, both […]

What are the advantages of choosing a collaborative divorce in Florida?

Collaborative divorces, if successful, settle cases through negotiations. When parties settle their own issues between themselves, without having results imposed upon them by a stranger, a judge is a stranger, they tend to be happier and more likely to follow the agreements that they’ve entered into. They can also be less expensive, shorter, and less […]

How does collaborative divorce work in Florida?

In collaborative divorce, both sides agree that they are going to attempt to settle their dissolution of marriage differences through negotiations and the use of neutral professionals. They each typically have their own separate independent attorneys, but then they hire neutral facilitators to help resolve their issues. Quite often, it includes a financial expert, and […]