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I very much recommend Mr. Anton as a family law attorney. Mr. Anton handled my difficult divorce case which unfortunately included a full contested final healing or trial. When first retained, he explained that most divorce actions are resolved by the signing of a marital settlement agreement as opposed to having a contested trial. I told him that he didn’t know my spouse. I was falsely accused of all sorts of financial misdeeds. Furthermore, my wife took several unlikely positions, which, despite 2 mediations, she would not negotiate. Mr. Anton both developed my case and conducted my eventual trial with great expertise. It was all done very logically and organized. He was also able to clearly communicate what was needed for the Judge to make his decision. Mr. Anton was also very good at keeping me informed of what was occurring in my case as it was occurring. He and his very experienced paralegal were always available throughout my case. Going through a divorce was scary and stressful and it helps to know what is taking place while it is happening. Again, I do recommend that if you have the need for a quality divorce counsel that you consider Mr. Anton’s services.

He’s the best

- Family law client

David Anton is an experienced, intelligent, and caring attorney who will help you in your time of need. He has decades of experience in Family Law in the Tampa Bay area and is well known and respected by his peers. Due to his professional attitude, personable nature, and strong relationships in the community, he is well positioned to help mediate on your behalf to complete your divorce or custody action. Having said that, he is also a wonderful, strategic advisor who is comfortable with an action that must be taken to litigation. Due to years of experience with a multitude of cases, David is exceptional at simplifying highly complicated situations, and minimizing cost and paperwork. He has a wonderful network of resources, should your case require, with an equally strong resume.

Aside from his strengths as an attorney, David is a fantastic human being whose kind, respectful nature helps alleviate so much of the stress one faces in family law court. He has a high degree of empathy for cultural differences that may make the word “divorce” confusing. He is an excellent story teller who uses metaphors and analogies to help understand the complex language contained in the legal process.

David is always available and present. He responds to questions and concerns quickly and efficiently, even from overseas.

Over a period of years, David has helped myself and my family heal from a high conflict divorce. The mental peace he afforded us allowed me to focus on the more important parts of my life…career, motherhood, family, and friends.

I cannot thank David enough for his role in the life of my child, myself, and my family. He’s the best.

Review David Anton

- Jae

David was hired to help amend all of the documents related to a divorce settlement. After getting recommendations and interviewing 5 different attorneys and being unsatisfied with the results of my previous attorney, David was able to comprehend a complex divorce. With 35 separate entities/privately owned businesses in which I was somewhere between 30-100% owner, he was able to methodically and clearly build a case so that the opposing counsel would understand and so that we could defend it if need be in court. He remained completely unemotional and was all business throughout the process and quite frankly was the only attorney I found that not only knew the legal proceedings but understood the financials and was able to codify that.

Highly Recommend

- Sherry

Mr. Anton did a wonderful job with my divorce case. He took a case that had been on-going for 4 years with another attorney and brought it to a quick resolution. This is a very trustworthy firm that cares about its clients. I highly recommend them.

Will continue to refer!

- Tess

I hired David Anton to handle a child support case, post divorce. His vast knowledge of the legal system is self-evident and his excellent reputation within the community is very well known. Any time I had a question, I could easily pick up the phone and speak with him directly or know if leaving a message he would promptly follow up. I will continue to refer David Anton to friends and co-workers.

Review S. David Anton

- Mike

David knows the law very well. His preparation for trial and ability to communicate his thoughts to judges in a summarized fashion proved worthwhile in my case.

Very pleased for 25 years!!!!

- Andrew

I have found David to be highly capable, straight forward, well versed in his areas of expertise and responsive to my needs over many years. He is able and willing to listen and give excellent legal advise.