Useful Resources

Child Custody, Parenting and Abduction

The following resources are available to help transitioning families cope with divorce.

  • The Pro-Child Way
    • – A successful approach to providing pro-child advice through education, and valuable resources, allows parents to deliver nurturing care during and after a divorce
  • Up to Parents
    • – Educational tools for parents who are separated or seeking a divorce to ensure the children come first throughout the legal process
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway
    • – Promoting the safety and well-being of all children by connecting families with the proper resources and tools in their communities to achieve success
  • The Children’s Rights Council
    • – A firm approach to care includes safeguarding healthy childhood development, promoting parental education, community awareness, and social and legal justice
  • Government Agency for Child Care
    • – Providing support and accommodations for children who have been displaced due to legal matters and processes beyond their control
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
    • – Gain access to 24-hour helplines, Amber Alert resources, and question and answer programs for children who are missing or exploited
  • The Child Quest International Guide
    • – Keeping children safe from predatorial online activity, while promoting safe internet use for the entire family
  • Hague Conference on Private or International Law
    • – A cross-borders resource providing informative, real-time data for attorneys and parents alike to maintain justice in civil matters that include International relocation for children

Child Support Resources

Military Divorce Resources

  • Congressional Research Service: Military Benefits for Former Spouses

Domestic Violence Support

Receive the immediate help and support you need to protect yourself and your family from domestic violence.

Hiring an Attorney: Attorney/Client Fee Disputes

Taxes and Financial Guidance for Divorcing Couples

Learn more about:

  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Separation and liability relief
  • Equitable relief from the government tax source


Government Resources to Help Maintain Housing, Education, and Stability after Separation or Divorce

  • The US Department of Education
    • – Review laws, seek guidance, and understand opportunities to advanced education with financial help and resources
  • The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    • – Locate rental assistance, learn about the Housing Choice Voucher Program, or discover facts on buying a home and real estate assessments.
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics: United States Prosecutors’ Offices
    • – Understand the court system from a National standpoint by reviewing the collective information on civil court cases from over 2,300 prosecutors’ offices throughout the United States

Government and Legal Association Resources

If you have questions regarding the court system in which your divorce proceedings will occur, the answers can be found within the state and local links listed here. Our firm can also provide answers quickly and effectively; you do not have to do the research on your own.

  • United States Court System

National, State, and Local Family Resources

  • Administration for Children and Families
    • – Positive solutions for children, parents, and communities who are currently operating at a disadvantage
  • The Administration for Community Living
    • – Providing tools for families to enrich their lives in the community, before, during, and after a divorce
  • The Children’s Board Family Resource Center; Tampa, Florida

Learn More About Your Local Government Representatives

Actions or inactions that your local representatives should be aware of – or vote on – can be communicated through the following channels: