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In 2016 alimony reform in Florida went down in flames, once again. Passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the bill was vetoed by the Governor for the second time in two consecutive years. The Florida alimony reform bill has been several years in the making and was the subject of intense […]

12-Year Florida Child Custody Case Gets Yet Another New Judge

A 12-year custody case, has lost yet another judge with the removal of Judge Manno Schurr by the Third District Court of Appeal. Schurr’s departure makes a total of six judges who have presided over the custody proceedings. Although the five judges before Schurr recused themselves, Schurr refused to step down, and was later removed […]

Uncontested Divorce: What to Consider

When deciding to end a marriage, there are a host of decisions from equitable distribution to custody and timesharing.  While this process is commonly drawn out and incredibly complicated, more couples are turning towards uncontested divorce. uncontested divorce involves couples that are able to reach an agreement on all separation issues such as spousal support, […]

Relocation: Child Custody Rights and Responsibilities (Part 2)

Child Custody: Responsibilities When You Are In Agreement In part one of this post, I talked about the steps you need to take if your ex-partner is in agreement with relocating your children. As you know, a verbal agreement is not sufficient as a legal and binding relocation agreement, even if you are the majority […]

Modifying and Enforcing Your Divorce Agreement (Part 1)

When Can You Modify a Final Judgment or Order? In Florida, you can request that a dissolution of marriage final judgment be modified by agreement or by court action for many reasons. Maybe you want to relocate with your children out of state, or maybe the loss of a job requires you to ask the courts for […]

Child Custody: How the courts decide in Tampa

Dissolution of Marriage and Child Custody in Tampa In Florida, what is commonly thought of as “child custody” is called “parental responsibility.” In a dissolution of marriage case, Florida courts make decisions regarding parental responsibility in or detail to the divorcees how decisions will be made in regards to a minor child. Typically, both parents will be required […]

Grandparents: Your visitation rights when the parents are divorcing

Most states have passed laws regulating the visitation rights of a grandparent (or great-grandparent). Unfortunately, most of that legislation gets repealed or stricken due to the idea that those laws infringe on the rights of the parents. So, as a grandparent, do you have any rights at all? The answer is “Yes!” Under certain circumstances, […]


If you are contemplating a divorce and you have children of the marriage it is MANDATORY that you and your spouse attend a Court approved parenting class prior to your final hearing date.   Your certificate of completion must be filed with the court, once you receive it bring it to your divorce attorney’s office so […]

Time Sharing for the Out-of-State Parents

If you are a minority timesharing parent (you do not have primary custody) and you move out of state, what should you expect in terms of timesharing with your minor child? In most cases parents simply agree to a new timesharing arrangement without court, or even lawyer involvement. But what if this is not possible? […]