FINRA Arbitrations and Stock Broker Dispute Lawyer in Tampa, FL

We fight Wall Street on behalf of Main Street

You have worked a lifetime to secure your family’s financial future. When a trusted investment adviser undermines the confidence and trust expected of them, the results can be devastating. This breach of trust not only costs you money, it also costs you the loss of a secure future built upon a lifetime of hard work, planning and sacrifice.

When a trusted adviser abuses their relationship with an investor, the Anton Legal Group has the knowledge, experience and technical tools to remedy a financial catastrophe.

Located in Tampa, Florida, S. David Anton, Esquire of the Anton Legal Group is qualified to prosecute securities arbitration actions throughout most of the U.S., and is licensed to practice other types of law anywhere in the state of Florida.

  1. David Anton, Esquire is a former CERTIFIED ARBITRATOR for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), formerly the NASD, which is the national organization responsible for overseeing the securities industry. He has served as a Judge/Panelist and rendered decisions in many securities arbitrations, giving him a unique perspective on his client’s cases.
  2. David Anton, Esquire is also a member of the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association (PIABA), the preeminent national legal organization dedicated to the representation of public investors in disputes with the securities industry and investment advisors.

As both an experienced Advocate for your rights and an experienced Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), formerly NASD, Arbitration Panel Member, Mr. Anton is uniquely qualified to represent investors in securities investment disputes.

The Anton Legal Group offers each potential securities client a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with an attorney who will give you a comprehensive assessment of your case.

Solving disputes with stock brokers and investment advisers to protect your family’s financial future.


At the Anton Legal Group you receive a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION for your securities case which will provide you with an assessment of your situation. This consultation typically includes the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Understanding the facts relevant to your case;
  • STEP 2: Analyzing probable outcomes and discussing realistic expectations for your case;
  • STEP 3: Explaining the securities arbitration process and timelines; and
  • STEP 4: Providing a breakdown of the estimated costs.

Our law firm focuses on quality over quantity. To ensure that our clients receive the time and attention they deserve, we intentionally keep our case load at a sensible level.


We provide a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to potential securities arbitration clients. During this free consultation we will openly discuss with you the anticipated fees and costs associated with the services you need. Although fees and costs vary from case to case, securities arbitration cases may be accepted on either an hourly charge basis or a contingency fee basis.  In a contingency fee case, you pay no attorney fees unless and until you receive a money award. A more precise fee and cost analysis will be provided at the FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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