Jewish Divorce (GET) Lawyer in Tampa, FL

What is a Jewish Divorce (Get)?

A Get is the Hebrew name for a Jewish divorce.

A Jewish divorce typically has little to do with a civil divorce between two married partners. Divorce law in Florida is governed and controlled by the Florida Statutes and their corresponding defining Florida case law. Florida law is generally not affected by your religious preferences.  A GET is a religious process which can be provided in addition to, and not as a substitute for, a civil divorce in accordance with Florida law.

A Get, or a Jewish divorce, is a religious procedure that is described in the Talmud or Torah. It is typically requested by Orthodox, and sometimes Conservative members of the Jewish faith. The procedure is typically performed by a Rabbi.

The performance of a GET is not common in America. However, to some it is very important and even becomes a point of negotiations in the divorce: “If you will give me a Get, I will be grateful, and I might give you something in return.”

What is required to dissolve a Jewish marriage?

Dissolving a Jewish marriage requires a civil action like any other Florida divorce.  Then, in addition, a brief ceremony is conducted where various statements prescribed by Jewish law are recited. The GET ceremony is presided over by a Rabbi or other appropriate individual of the Jewish faith.

If the GET is successfully completed pursuant to Jewish law then you are officially divorced and the wife is then eligible for remarriage.

Why would you need a Tampa Jewish Divorce attorney to obtain a GET?

A Tampa Jewish Divorce attorney is not required to obtain a Get. You can arrange this through a trusted religious leader. However, if you are requesting a divorce under Florida law, as you must, this law firm understands that sometimes a Get is an important issue in the divorce process.

Why does the Anton Legal Group want to help people going through a Get?

To Mr. Anton it an honor and good deed, or what we refer to in the Jewish heritage as a “mitzvah,” to help two hurting individuals who want to dissolve their marriage have that dissolution comply with both civil law as well as religious law.

Mr. Anton is Jewish, and respects Jewish law. He respects the desire of people who want to follow Jewish law as it has been followed by their forefathers for thousands of years.

How does the Anton Legal Group stand apart from other law firms when helping clients obtain a Get?

There are practically no other law firms in the Tampa area that understand the process or the concept of a GET. We generally know who within the local community might be willing to administer a Get. Mr. Anton is familiar with the local Jewish community and has a fundamental understanding of why a client’s desire for a Get might be very important to them.

  1. David Anton, Esquire is a fourth generation member of the Tampa Bay Jewish community. If you anticipate a divorce, and would like to discuss a GET, then call the Anton Legal Group at (813) 443‑5249 to discuss your case.