Attorney's Fees Recovery

Typically the last decision a judge makes at the conclusion of a contested divorce or other family law matter is whether to order one spouse to pay or contribute towards the other spouse’s attorney’s fees and court costs. This decision is primarily based on the parties’ relative abilities to pay for an attorney.

Attorney’s fees in contested family law proceedings are almost universally charged on an hourly basis. Flat fees are usually reserved for uncontested cases where there are few or no disputed issues. Contingency fees are prohibited by the Florida Bar in all but very limited types of family law situations. Accordingly, the responsibility for attorney’s fees in contested family law cases is an important issue, especially where one spouse’s access to funds is limited.

An attorney’s fee and court cost award can be awarded at the end of a case or, if needed, in the middle of a case. When attorney’s fees are awarded in the middle of litigation, it is called a “temporary” attorney’s fee award. These awards are made to ensure that both parties have access to similar quality legal representation.

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