Uncontested Divorce: What to Consider

When deciding to end a marriage, there are a host of decisions from equitable distribution to custody and timesharing.  While this process is commonly drawn out and incredibly complicated, more couples are turning towards uncontested divorce. uncontested divorce involves couples that are able to reach an agreement on all separation issues such as spousal support, child support, and division of property without the intervention of the courts or a judge. There are a host of benefits to an uncontested divorce, particularly:

  • Uncontested divorce may enable both parties to reach more flexible and advantageous terms than in a series of court hearings.
  • An uncontested divorce normally is less emotionally taxing on ALL parties involved, including children and other family members. Parents may be able to salvage an amicable relationship for the duration of the raising of children, et c.
  • Usually, uncontested divorce is less expensive and less time-consuming than a contested divorce proceeding in court.

If an uncontested divorce can be achieved, it is much easier and, in most cases, the best solution for the dissolution of marriage. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule:

  • Abuse or Abandonment
  • Inability to reach an agreement
  • Adultery – one or both spouses are cheating on the other
  • Any other issue that could lead to estrangement

When these scenarios occur, we would recommend that you carry out a contested divorce, but the best choice is always going to be the faster, easier and emotionally less-taxing route with an uncontested divorce.

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