Time Sharing for the Out-of-State Parents

If you are a minority timesharing parent (you do not have primary custody) and you move out of state, what should you expect in terms of timesharing with your minor child? In most cases parents simply agree to a new timesharing arrangement without court, or even lawyer involvement. But what if this is not possible?
In order to change timesharing terms contained within a divorce decree you must show the court that:

1) a “material change of circumstances” has occurred and that

2) the change warrants a modification of timesharing. A move out of town by a parent should nearly always meet these criteria.

In most relocation cases your frequent and short timesharing arrangements are typically traded for fewer and longer visits. So expect a busy summer, winter break, spring break and the like. However, a warning is in order. This is not always an even quality time trade and older children sometimes resist separation from their friends and activities for lengthy periods of time.
Sadly, our current society is becoming increasingly transient. From a demanding employment market to the advent of computer dating, the need for increased mobility is a reality. While there are advantages to mobility, it is not necessarily conducive to quality shared parenting.

The Anton Legal Group is well versed in protecting the rights of parents in relocation cases both where the client is the majority and minority timesharing parent, and both when the client is relocating or the other parent seeks to move. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a legal professional regarding your out-of-state time sharing, please CONTACT US today for your consultation by calling 813-443-5249.