Uncontested Divorce Attorneys in Tampa

In the vast majority of divorce actions spouses resolve their issues through an agreement either prior to or soon after engaging in contested litigation. This settlement agreement is typically called a Marital Settlement Agreement. In most cases it just makes sense to do so as opposed to spending money and then having a stranger (the Judge) impose decisions upon you and your family. When there is little or no disagreement between both spouses very early on in the divorce process you have a classic uncontested divorce. Frequently, Marital Settlement Agreements are signed even before the accompanying divorce action is filled with the court system. Often times the cost of these uncontested divorces can be quoted using a “flat fee” which typically both increases the predictability of the cost as well as lowers the cost of the process. In many cases the flat fee uncontested divorce is the best way to dissolve your marriage. Many of the divorces handled by The Anton Legal Group are uncontested, flat fee divorces.

Uncontested Divorce Attorneys in Tampa, FL

If you have already tentatively or verbally agreed to an uncontested divorce with your spouse, it is still a good idea to speak with David Anton, Esq. about your situation. He can first perform a case analysis which will educate you about your likely entitlements as well as your likely obligations should a Court have decided your case applying Florida law. He can also provide advice and assistance that can help ensure that the uncontested divorce process runs smoothly and with the least friction.  With the aid of David Anton, Esq., your uncontested divorce could be fully processed in as little as four to eight weeks. In addition, if the uncontested divorce that you are contemplating does not work as planned, you can rely upon David Anton, Esq. to help make the transition from an uncontested to a contested divorce as smoothly as possible, always keeping the door open for additional future negotiations.

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