High Net Worth Divorce (High Income Divorce) Lawyer in Tampa, FL

The Anton Legal Group, led by David Anton, Esq., is experienced in working with people who are facing high income and high asset divorce. He can assist with analyzing the legal facts surrounding the situation, negotiating a fair divorce settlement for both members of the couple while representing the best interests of his client, and litigating these divorces if that becomes necessary.

Many people who face a high net worth divorce automatically assume their case will be a complicated, complex process. While this may be correct in some cases, many high asset divorces are no more difficult than the typical divorce. This is especially true if the large net worth is held in only a few assets. The complications arise when there are a large number of hard to value, illiquid or encumbered assets.

When the high income is earned or received through a W-2 from, a single source, or even through a number of 1099s, the process of high net divorce is less complicated than when it is earned through a variety of rare and complex forms. These forms may make it easier to obscure income, or hide assets in some cases, meaning there is reason to look further into the financial situation.

Tampa High and Complex Net Worth Divorces

People facing a complex and high net worth divorce often seek the help of attorneys who are not sure how to manage the unique aspects of these cases. Choosing an Florida high net worth divorce attorney with significant experience in this type of case is key.

You may have a complex net worth divorce cases if any of these scenarios exist:

  • You own or operate one or more family owned businesses, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, REITs or sole proprietorships
  • Intangible investments such as real estate portfolios, oil and gas leases or brokerage accounts
  • You have complex pension arrangements, or high net worth 401-K plans, individual retirement accounts, profit sharing plans and/or government pensions
  • Military divorces that include benefits such as retirement after long term service or disability after a service-related injury
  • Any investment that allows depreciation as a tax deduction, or deferred compensation, or those that allow owners to choose between current value or potential future value
  • Unsecured or undersecured debts, or those with questionable collectability
  • Assets or debts that occurred before the marriage, or those that were received during the marriage as a gift or inheritance to one party
  • Assets disappear or decrease in value just before or during the divorce process
  • Debts increase significantly just before or during the divorce process
  • Situations where net worth is highly volatile
  • Financial statements offered during discovery do not reflect the same level of assets as documents from lenders or other financial institutions

High and Complex Income Divorces Florida

High and complex income divorces require lawyers with the experience and acumen to ensure all income is declared, and both parties have all the information necessary to ensure settlement negotiations occur on equal footing.

Some characteristics that define a high income or complex income divorce include:

  • Income that could fluctuate thousands of dollars from one year to the next
  • Income based primarily on investments
  • Business income that could be left undistributed, or retained by the business
  • Income that could be delayed
  • Income that could be instead paid to another trusted individual without a paper trail
  • Income that allows deduction of questionable businesses expenses or depreciation of a capital asset
  • Any income that is difficult to track or analyze

If you have any of these types of income, it is important to enlist the help of a lawyer with significant experience in this type of divorce. If you are facing a complex asset divorce in Tampa, Florida, the Anton Legal Group can help.

The Importance of an Experienced Complex Financial Divorce Attorney

In most high asset and complex financial divorce cases, the entire process ends up centering around the division of assets and debts. In addition to a complicated equitable distribution process, other related issues such as alimony may require significant negotiations. Even if you have significant business experience and are a savvy financial manager, you will need a lawyer who is familiar with analyzing and distributing assets and debts in complex divorce cases.

By choosing an experienced legal team, you can take some of the stress off of yourself and instead rely on the trained professionals who know what is necessary to discover hidden or under-stated assets and to secure the documentation needed to prove them in court if that becomes necessary. In many cases, though, simply being able to clearly describe and show all assets and debts significantly speeds up the process of negotiating a settlement and avoiding litigation.

One reason many people turn to Mr. Anton for help in a high asset divorce is because, there is no shortage of financial and accounting proficiency and acumen available through the Anton Legal Group. In addition to having a law degree, David Anton also holds a degree in economics, with an emphasis in accounting. The Anton Legal Group also has an accounting specialist on staff, and partners with local Tampa divorce forensics teams who work to help analyze financial situations as well as serve as expert witnesses if these cases go to court.

Contacting the Anton Legal Group Tampa, Florida

The Anton Legal Group represents clients from a wide range of backgrounds, and with a range of complex financial situations. If you are facing a divorce where there is high or complex net worth, or high or complex income, we will work to ensure all assets and debts are discovered and distributed fairly during the divorce process. Even if you are working with a mediator or hoping to negotiate a settlement without litigation, we can help you better understand your financial situation so that you get the money you rightfully deserve. Call our Tampa, Florida complex net worth divorce attorneys, today at (813) 443-5249 to learn more.