Modifying and Enforcing Your Divorce Agreement (Part 1)

When Can You Modify a Final Judgment or Order?

In Florida, you can request that a dissolution of marriage final judgment be modified by agreement or by court action for many reasons. Maybe you want to relocate with your children out of state, or maybe the loss of a job requires you to ask the courts for a reduction in your child support. The key to impressing the courts with your request is having a “substantial change in circumstances” since your divorce decree was entered.

What Can be Modified in a Final Judgment or Order?

Timesharing is often changed through modification. While modification of the dissolution of marriage final judgment is most commonly used in regards to children, there are many other provisions that the courts may allow to be modified, including but not limited to:

  1. Child support
  2. Timesharing
  3. Alimony (In some cases, alimony can be terminated)
  4. Seeking an injunction for inappropriate or damaging behavior directed at a child

How do I Know if My Circumstances are Right to Modify a Final Judgment or Order?

The best and only way to make sure your bases are truly covered when considering a modification of your final judgment of dissolution of marriage or final order by judicial decree (without the agreement of your ex-spouse) is to consult with a top divorce attorney. After reviewing your circumstances, if a modification is appropriate, we will file a petition for modification and seek to have the provisions of your original divorce decree modified.

In Part 2 of this post, I discuss enforcement of your final judgment or order.

If you are considering a dissolution of marriage, consult with a lawyer who has experience in collaborative divorce, mediation, and traditional adversarial divorce so you can receive insight on which type of divorce may be right for you. Seek out Tampa divorce attorneys with the knowledge you need. Seek out S. David Anton of the Anton Legal Group.

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