Tips and Tricks

Post Nuptial Agreements

You’ve heard the term but not sure why you would need one.  Post Nuptial Agreements are designed to protect your assets and income in the event of one parties death or a dissolution of marriage.  Normally people who request a post nuptial agreement are those that experience a substantial financial change or there has been […]

Cell Phone Etiquette

Don’t sabotage your family law case by making foolish mistakes on your “smartphone”. While in the heat of a contested dissolution of marriage or child timesharing battle the parties involved are generally at one of the toughest cross roads of their lives and may not be able to have the full capability to make sound decisions about […]

Time Sharing for the Out-of-State Parents

If you are a minority timesharing parent (you do not have primary custody) and you move out of state, what should you expect in terms of timesharing with your minor child? In most cases parents simply agree to a new timesharing arrangement without court, or even lawyer involvement. But what if this is not possible? […]

What is a Family Law Deposition?

In the author’s opinion, the deposition is the most important fact gathering event in most family law cases. A deposition is a question and answer session conducted under oath with counsel asking questions of the other party or litigant. That means your deposition is the other attorney asking you questions, or the reverse. Typically present […]

Can I Get a Divorce Without Spending Every Dime I Have?

There are many ways to conclude a dissolution of marriage action without spending a small fortune.  The ideal situation is when you and your soon to be former spouse are in agreement about the terms of your divorce prior to filing your court case. This is common amongst litigants who understand that wanting to part […]


Dissolution of marriage actions can sometimes turn into a lengthy process.  This may leave one of the parties without the means by which to support themselves and their children.  A lengthy process may also require attention to temporary  relief issues other than financial support (alimony and child support) such as: 1) time sharing (custody and […]


After going through the trials and turmoil associated with a failed marriage followed by the difficulties of building of a new life, there is often a desire or need to relocate to a different city or evenstate. Tampa has a significant military population which may also require an individual who either is a military member […]

What and how can I change the terms of my Final Judgement?

Time moves on quickly…things change, our needs change, children grow older, as well as our abilities to meet demands change as we age. What may have been financially feasible ten years ago may not be the case now. There are many instances where a modification to a final judgement would be proper. Keep in mind, […]

Time Sharing in the Good Ol’ Summertime – A Family Law lawyers perspective

For the divorced parent with minor children, summertime is an excellent opportunity for bonding. Parents typically have large blocks of uninterrupted time without intrusions from school, extracurricular activities or the former spouse. Because there are so few summers available before children grow up, they are, in the words of American Express, “Priceless.” As a parent […]