After going through the trials and turmoil associated with a failed marriage followed by the difficulties of building of a new life, there is often a desire or need to relocate to a different city or evenstate. Tampa has a significant military population which may also require an individual who either is a military member or who marries into the military to be compelled to relocate due to military orders.  Also, the recent increase in popularity of online dating sites such as PerfectMatch.com, EHarmony andMatch.com may lead a divorced parent to find their new soul mate in a different place. Unfortunately, you cannot just pack the U-Haul truck and take off to your “new start” if there is a minor child involved who is subject to Florida’s jurisdiction. If your new destination is more than 50 miles away from your current home and the move will last more than 60 days, you are required to either obtain the written agreement of your former spouse or file a contested Petition for Relocation.
The parent with majority times haring who desires to relocate must be able to provide solid evidence of how the relocation will acceptably affect the minor child. In addition, you will need to provide a reasonable timesharing plan (both scheduling and travel arrangements) for the minority timesharing parent who will remain in the area. To complicate matters further, there may also be a modification of child support involved. If you and your former spouse cannot reach an acceptable agreement, then it will ultimately become a Judge’s decision whether the minor child may move. The failure to fully follow the new Florida Statute mandated process prior to relocating a minor child will likely negatively affect a parent’s later filed request to relocate.
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