Relocation: Child Custody Rights and Responsibilities (Part 2)

Child Custody: Responsibilities When You Are In Agreement In part one of this post, I talked about the steps you need to take if your ex-partner is in agreement with relocating your children. As you know, a verbal agreement is not sufficient as a legal and binding relocation agreement, even if you are the majority […]

Modifying and Enforcing Your Divorce Agreement (Part 1)

When Can You Modify a Final Judgment or Order? In Florida, you can request that a dissolution of marriage final judgment be modified by agreement or by court action for many reasons. Maybe you want to relocate with your children out of state, or maybe the loss of a job requires you to ask the courts for […]

Time Sharing for the Out-of-State Parents

If you are a minority timesharing parent (you do not have primary custody) and you move out of state, what should you expect in terms of timesharing with your minor child? In most cases parents simply agree to a new timesharing arrangement without court, or even lawyer involvement. But what if this is not possible? […]

Time Sharing in the Good Ol’ Summertime – A Family Law lawyers perspective

For the divorced parent with minor children, summertime is an excellent opportunity for bonding. Parents typically have large blocks of uninterrupted time without intrusions from school, extracurricular activities or the former spouse. Because there are so few summers available before children grow up, they are, in the words of American Express, “Priceless.” As a parent […]