Divorce Process

Anton Legal Group assisting in dissolution of marriageAs no two relationships are exactly alike, the same rule applies to divorces. Divorce is very complicated, each one unique with its own set of circumstances. As a Qualified Divorce Attorney for the Anton Legal Group, it is my experience that when couples have invested all their energies into making the relationship work, they often have no idea what to do once they decide to dissolve the marriage. Of course this makes sense. It can be very scary dealing with all the unknowns divorce can bring about. One of the best ways to counter that fear is to self-educate about the process.

In Florida, one spouse must file a Dissolution of Marriage petition with the courts. Once the other spouse is served with the petition they must issue a response and address any additional issues. Each party must also submit and file a financial affidavit stating all their assets, liabilities, and income. Cases involving children require that each party fill out a child support guidelines worksheet as well. The next step addresses the issues of child custody, alimony, division of property, as well as other concerns. If agreement has been reached then the couple can agree to an uncontested divorce which is less expensive and is the most desirable solution. If the couple cannot agree on these issues, a contested divorce involves mediation. Mediation can help the couple reach mutually agreeable decisions on heated issues. If an agreement can’t be reached, a judge will hear each spouse’s case and make a ruling. After the judge rules a settlement agreement finalizes the process.[1]

It is important to note that there are psychological stages that spouses’ typically experience while coping with divorce. An emotional support system is always a good idea to have in place during and after the divorce process to help with the transition.

Obviously, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a Qualified Divorce Attorney to answer your questions and help you navigate through the process. If you are considering divorce contact the Anton Legal Group for an Anticipated Divorce Case Analysis. S. David Anton is a Qualified Divorce Attorney that will help you reach a desirable settlement and protect your rights through the divorce process.
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David Anton is a third generation Tampa Bay attorney who has handled all aspects of dissolution actions since 1985.