Dissolution of Marriage: Think Before You Post

Facebook and Dissolution of Marriage

You’ve just let your spouse know you want to file a dissolution of marriage. After a verbal mega-battle, your spouse storms off and slams the door. You angrily sit down and post to your sister’s Facebook about how he better watch what he says or you’ll keep him from ever seeing his kids again, after all, it’s up to you. We all say (or type) things we don’t mean in a fits of anger. However, more people than you think are reading your Facebook posts, including your spouse’ divorce attorney!

Top 5 Most Common Divorce Mistakes Posted on Facebook

Many people are sharing their lives on Facebook and other social media sites. However, every keystroke you make can affect your divorce case. Here are the top 5 types of posts that could hurt your case, straight from a top divorce attorney.

  1. Posts and pictures that prove you have been unfaithful
  2. Making your child un-friend your spouse
  3. Slander or Libel against your spouse
  4. Pictures or statements showing you were where you shouldn’t have been when you were supposed to be with your children.
  5. Pictures of you doing drugs.

Protecting Yourself During Dissolution of Marriage Proceedings

Once you have let your spouse know you’d like to file for dissolution of marriage, it’s on. Everything you say and do may fall under scrutiny while your spouse tries to prove their case. If you wouldn’t have it read or shown in court, do not write it or take a picture of it at all. If you don’t pay attention to what you post, I promise you, someone else will!

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