Review David Anton



I very much recommend Mr. Anton as a family law attorney. Mr. Anton handled my difficult divorce case which unfortunately included a full contested final healing or trial. When first retained, he explained that most divorce actions are resolved by the signing of a marital settlement agreement as opposed to having a contested trial. I told him that he didn’t know my spouse. I was falsely accused of all sorts of financial misdeeds. Furthermore, my wife took several unlikely positions, which, despite 2 mediations, she would not negotiate. Mr. Anton both developed my case and conducted my eventual trial with great expertise. It was all done very logically and organized. He was also able to clearly communicate what was needed for the Judge to make his decision. Mr. Anton was also very good at keeping me informed of what was occurring in my case as it was occurring. He and his very experienced paralegal were always available throughout my case. Going through a divorce was scary and stressful and it helps to know what is taking place while it is happening. Again, I do recommend that if you have the need for a quality divorce counsel that you consider Mr. Anton’s services.