What requirements are there for awarding grandparents visitation or custody?

In general, in Florida, grandparents have no rights to time sharing, visitation, or custody for minor children. Anytime that they spend with the minor children need to be piggy backed on those rights provided to their children. However, there is an exception. If both of the parents of children are found to be unfit in the eyes of the law, which incidentally is a very high bar. Then, the law looks for substitutes, either on a temporary or permanent basis to raise those children.

Typically, first in line, are family members, such as grandparents, and typically, last in line would, unfortunately, be foster care. If a grandparent is concerned about the raising of a child and the parents, that’s both the parents are unfit, that is one way that a grandparent can receive time sharing, custody, or visitation with the minor children.