How do I collect child support in Florida from a noncustodial parent who lives out-of-state?

Child support can be collected from a non-custodial parent who lives out of state in a variety of ways. First, the simplest way is through income deduction. Foreign state employers generally honor state of Florida child support awards and will deduct money and pay it through a support department to honor the child support obligation. However, not everybody has a typical job. Some are self employed. Some are constantly moving employment. Some are hard to pin down. Then that leaves you in a bit of a quandary. You can still try to collect it in a variety of other ways, from garnishment and attachment to IRS liens to taking their driver’s license. The list goes on and on, though all of those are much more difficult than the income deduction way which is where the employer simply takes it out of their pay and sends it to the support department. As a last case resort, the powers of contempt by the court which can be used to even incarcerate people can be used, but that is difficult to employ.