Florida Becomes 15th State to Adopt Collaborative Law Process Act

When the state of Florida adopted the Collaborative Law Process Act last year, it became the 15th state in the nation to pass such a measure. Signed into law last March by Gov. Rick Scott, this legislation provides a pathway for couples seeking a more civil, and far less contentious, end to their marriage. These […]

Florida Alimony Reform Bill Filed for 2017

In mid-January, Florida State Rep. Colleen Burton announced that she had filed a bill attempting to overhaul the state’s current alimony statute. In announcing her decision to challenge the existing law, Burton cited the need to toughen the standards surrounding how alimony is granted and changed. Last year, Gov. Rick Scott vetoed the alimony measure […]

Grounds for Marriage Annulment in Florida

Unlike some other states, Florida does not have laws that explicitly address annulment. However, over the years, appellate courts have issued binding decisions regarding marriage annulment, known as “precedent” that constitute the state’s annulment law. Though it is difficult and unusual, it is possible to get an annulment in Florida. It’s important to note, however, […]

Florida State Professor Murdered over Relocation of Ex-Wife and Children

In July 2014, Florida State professor Daniel Markel was shot outside of his home. Since then, many details have emerged about the motive behind his murder. In fact, several arrests were made this past year. The government’s theory is that Markel was murdered because he filed a petition to prevent his ex-wife from relocating their […]

The Future of Florida Alimony Statute

Florida Governor Rick Scott has rejected proposals for alimony reform by vetoing the much-anticipated bill which also contained changes in the way child custody would be determined. Legislative Proposal for Alimony Reform The proposed alimony law contained provisions that would: Give courts a clear formula for calculating alimony and its duration, taking into account various […]

Importance of Family Law Attorney for Prenuptial Agreements

People enter into prenuptial agreements for a number of reasons. Whether it’s to protect or preserve your assets, insulate one from the premarital debt of the other party, or simply to plan for contingencies, it’s always best to heed the advice of your family law attorney before signing a prenup. Problematic Prenup A recent case […]

Court Grants Annulment on Guardian’s Request

A Florida appellate court recently affirmed a Palm Beach county judge’s decision to order the annulment of marriage upon the request of an incapacitated senior’s guardian. The court declared void the marriage of the 85-year old gentleman, citing the man’s lack of legal capacity to enter into a marriage without first obtaining the court’s approval. […]

How Much Child Support Can You Claim in Florida

Separating parents and former partners are often challenged by child support decisions, especially as the amounts for which they are liable, or due, will vary from case to case. Their confusion is understandable, and leads them to wonder just what determines the amount that a parent must pay to another in child support. In Florida, […]

Why You Need a Cohabitation Agreement

Unmarried couples in the United States are choosing to live together without entering marriage. Census data show that from about 2.8 million unmarried couple households in 1996, today there are over 8 million unmarried couples living together. In Florida, further growth in unmarried couple households is expected following the governor’s recent approval of Senate Bill […]