Collaborative Divorce

Florida Adopts New Collaborative Divorce Law

Divorce need not be a high conflict and stressful process if parties are able to peacefully discuss their parenting and financial plans in a non-combatant setting. Many US states, including Florida, have enacted a collaborative divorce law that aims to provide divorcing parties a more peaceful method of resolving important issues on their own. Highlights […]

Uncontested Divorce: What to Consider

When deciding to end a marriage, there are a host of decisions from equitable distribution to custody and timesharing.  While this process is commonly drawn out and incredibly complicated, more couples are turning towards uncontested divorce. uncontested divorce involves couples that are able to reach an agreement on all separation issues such as spousal support, […]

Collaborative Divorce: Seeing the forest through the trees (Part 3)

In the final blog of this 3 part series, I’d like to go over the differences between a collaborative divorce and mediation. In mediation, there is one neutral professional who is there to help both parties settle the dispute. Mediation can be difficult for the Tampa family lawyer mediating the dispute when there is not […]

Collaborative Divorce: Seeing the forest through the trees (Part 2)

In last weeks blog, we briefly described the processes of mediation and collaborative divorce. This week, we’ll wrap up a traditional divorce and give you some quick bullet points to help you come closer to a decision on which type of divorce and which type of Tampa family lawyer may be right for you. With […]

Collaborative Divorce: Seeing the forest through the trees (Part 1)

As the top divorce attorneys for the Tampa Bay area, our clients often times are focused on one main objective, without any awareness of how many variables will be involved to get to the desired end result. There noses are firmly planted against one tree. My job as a Tampa lawyer is to pull them […]

What is collaborative divorce?

What is collaborative divorce? Collaborative divorce is a method of divorce that takes place outside the courtroom. Each party hires a Certified Collaborative Family Law Attorney and signs an agreement (Collaborative Law Agreement) vowing to negotiate an amicable and respectful solution. Both family law attorneys and other professionals; accountants, therapist, etc…, may be involved in […]

Divorce can be difficult

Divorce is difficult for any family to experience.  Considering nobody plans on having their marriage dissolved, it is easy to understand why the process can be overwhelming. Having to establish a new place of residence, adjusting your budget to fit one income, and reestablishing your personal finances are just a few examples of steps that […]

Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce both spouses and their attorneys must agree, in writing, to use their best efforts to negotiate a settlement of the divorce action. Both attorneys and both spouses have considerable incentive to successfully conclude acollaborative divorce in tampa negotiated settlement of your case. This is because part of the written agreement requires […]

Can I Get a Divorce Without Spending Every Dime I Have?

There are many ways to conclude a dissolution of marriage action without spending a small fortune.  The ideal situation is when you and your soon to be former spouse are in agreement about the terms of your divorce prior to filing your court case. This is common amongst litigants who understand that wanting to part […]