New Subpoenas Issued in Illinois High Net Worth Divorce Case

Courts have issued new subpoenas in the 14-month-old high net worth divorce proceedings of Chicago multibillionaire Ken Griffin, and his soon-to-be ex wife Anne Dias Griffin, a money manager.

Griffin, who ranks as the wealthiest person in the state of Illinois, is the founder of the Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel. Upon filing for divorce in July 2014, Griffin requested that the courts corroborate a 2003 prenuptial agreement – an agreement that Dias Griffin maintains she signed “under duress” and wishes to have thrown out.

Their divorce has taken center stage in the media, due in large part to the particularly high net worth of both individuals. Griffin is estimated to be worth upwards of $7 billion, and Dias Griffin has accumulated a net worth of roughly $50 million.

At the time of their marriage, Griffin’s assets were estimated to be worth at least $1 billion, while Dias was worth less than $1 million. Although both parties accumulated a great deal of wealth during the course of their marriage, Griffin has pointed out in court proceedings that, even though his wife is valued at $50 million, she has already received $40 million through the terms of the prenuptial agreement.

The couple also has three children, for whom Griffin maintains he pays all expenses. However, Dias Griffin has maintained that her former spouse’s monthly income is now $68 million, and her requests for child support are worth less than two percent of that number.

High Net Worth Divorce in Florida

High net worth divorce, sometimes known as high-income divorce or high-asset divorce, can be either very straightforward, or very complicated cases. Regardless of the situation, when going through this type of divorce, it is important to have legal counsel that not only understands your state’s divorce laws, but also has a grasp of business and accounting as well.

Because the circumstances surrounding this type of divorce are so varied, it is important to understand the characteristics that are common in high-income divorce proceedings. They may include, but are not limited to:

  • One or multiple business entities, including partnerships, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, corporations, trusts, real estate investment trusts and limited liability companies.
  • Family owned businesses, regardless of whether or not there’s another partner
  • Rental real estate properties
  • Assets that are difficult to grasp, or that mysteriously disappear or suddenly reduce in value prior to, or during, the divorce
  • Financial statements that list assets considerably greater than those disclosed in the divorce

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