Fixing the Flawed or Unfair Divorce

Times have changed within the family law industry including how clients choose an attorney and how they get divorced. The Internet has become the singular most popular and influential source of legal information and legal forms. Many people choose to represent themselves, higher a non-lawyer, or higher an inexpensive and inexperienced attorney with an attractive webpage. This practice of hiring counsel (or not doing so) and prosecuting divorce actions has replaced the traditional model of hiring competent counsel based upon a referral from friends or other professionals. As a consequence, there has been a tremendous rise of incompetent advice, unfair results and flawed divorce decrees.

Hiring Qualified Help

Going through a divorce is typically the most important business transaction of one’s life. It is not the time to skimp on the hiring of a qualified professional. Doing so is the ultimate false economy. One should not represent themselves nor hire a non-attorney who has access to generalized forms. It is also not an appropriate to hire an inexperienced attorney even if they have a pleasant appearance on the Internet.

This firm has suffered from the loss of business associated with prospective clients proceeding without competent counsel. Clients often ignore a quality law degree followed by 30 years of experience. As such there is a new growth area for this firm which is fixing flawed and unfair divorce actions. Some can be fixed and some cannot. The quicker action is taken, the more frequently a matter can be fixed.

If you are the victim — or even the cause of a flawed or unfair dissolution of marriage action — then call us for an analysis of what can be done (813) 443-5249.