Collaborative Divorce Emerging as the New Ideal

With divorce rates in the United States continuing to hover around the 50% mark, most of us will know at least one couple this year who will call it quits on their marriage. How they choose to divorce, however, is changing drastically by the year.

 Divorce is transforming into something more akin to a session with a counselor.

 Family law experts from across the country have shared the many advantages of entering into a collaborative divorce instead of traditional litigation. In a recent article published in August, Katie Richards recently revealed a number of benefits, including:

  • Less pain inflicted on families
  • A significantly less expensive divorce
  • A reduction in the amount of negative emotions experienced by both couples (i.e. anxiety, anguish, hostility)
  • A faster divorce

Other benefits which we have experienced with our clients are eliminating the stress which results from unknown court decisions, and that both partners are able to have shared control over the divorce process.

How Does a Collaborative Divorce Work?

To participate in the collaborative divorce process, you will need to find a lawyer or a law firm which offers this service such as the Anton Legal Group here in Florida. Apart from having attorneys who are experienced in this fairly new “type” of divorce, there may be other individuals involved including:

  • Coaches: The coaches are usually mental health experts who help each party identify how they are feeling and sort them out rather than using those feelings to sabotage their line of communication with the other party
  • Financial Expert: The financial expert will give both parties a clear pictures of what assets are available to each and how they can expect their lives to continue financially after the divorce
  • A Child Specialist: If children are involved in the situation, a child specialist will be asked to join the team and will act in the best interest of your children

Gaining Control Over Your Divorce

The combination of lawyers, court dates, and battles which spouses may have to endure in a traditional divorce often leave them feeling as if they have no control. Through the collaborative divorce process, spouses are able to be actively involved in the outcome. Unlike ever before both spouses can work together to serve in each other’s best interest as well as the best interests of their children.

At the Anton Legal Group we have chosen to specialize in this new and emerging field. Spouses may not be able to continue in a marital situation, but there is often no reason why there cannot be a healthier and cooperative relationship between both individuals once the marriage has come to an end.

If you are considering a divorce, speak to one of our experienced family law attorneys today at (813) 443-5249.