Affleck and Garner Divorce Enters into Mediation

Another day has come and gone and another Hollywood couple is “calling it quits”. Sweethearts Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have one of the latest Hollywood marriages to likely end in divorce, though the couple is choosing to enter into mediation to discuss their differences rather than embark in a Twitter battle or have their issues hashed out in a public forum.

 For years now it has been rumoured that the two stars have been dealing with marital issues, though it was only a couple of months ago when the couple finally announced that their marriage was about to come to a grinding halt. Despite ending their marriage, however, the couple has been adamant that the marriage be ended as amicably as possible and with little fighting or consequence to their three young children.

 This is why they have elected to enter into mediation rather than endure what may otherwise be a tumultuous and emotionally damaging court dealing.

Why Couples Should Consider Mediation

There are four key reasons why couples should consider mediation if they are not able to arrive at an agreement outside of court:

  • Mediation is quick
  • Mediation is private
  • Mediation is fair for both parties
  • Mediation is inexpensive when compared to filing a lawsuit

Not only is it the most cost effective option, but it is the option that will best guarantee that the separating couple end their relationship on the best terms possible. This is particularly important if you have children, though it is also comforting if you do not.

 Going to court is not only stressful, but it leaves all of the decisions regarding your divorce in the hands of a judge who is not familiar with your family, your circumstances, and what would most benefit whom and when.

 By entering mediation, both partners are able to secure a more pleasant future for themselves and their children, which is why we at the Anton Legal Group always encourage mediation before heading straight to court.

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