Investment Fraud: The Ponzi Scam, Morgan Keegan and Bernie Madoff (Part 3)

In the last blog, this fraud lawyer promised to give you some things to look out for that could tell you your investment is actually a Ponzi scam. Hopefully this Tampa firm can help keep you safe from investment fraud and Ponzi scams.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! This is something you hear all of the time but, when that golden opportunity falls in your lap you think, “Maybe it’s finally my day to enjoy a little pay-back for all of my hard work!” The problem is, people who make a living off of securities fraud are trying to capitalize on that very idea and are counting on you to ignore the warning signs in hopes that your ship has finally come in.

If someone offers you a stock with high yield and little or no risk then, “Danger Will Robinson!” You are being targeted for monetary extraction. (This is what I call it when someone uses investment fraud to pull the money out of your wallet without any intention of giving products or services equalling the value of your cash. It’s not a “purchase”, it’s an extraction!) High yield investments come with higher risks. If they didn’t, everyone would easily get rich off of the stock market with no worries about investment fraud. Unfortunately, the highest yield usually means there is more chance of you loosing your investment. If someone “guarantees” an investment opportunity, beware! If they could guarantee returns, they would call every friend and family member they had to invest their life savings. They wouldn’t be trying to advertise it to you, a potentially new investor ripe for securities fraud!

Investments go up and down over time. Higher yield investments tend to experience a greater than average fluctuation in value. (The risk part I spoke of earlier.) Be concerned about any investment that consistently produces high returns, with no fluctuations. One of the keys in a Ponzi scam is falsely reporting consistently high returns, so the fraudster can keep your investment in his pocket without getting caught. Even Coca-Cola’s stock fluctuates while continuing it’s slow and steady growth! (I just happened to be drinking a Coke right now!)

For my next magic trick, I’ll continue with the list of warning signs to help protect you from Ponzi scams. As always, if you are considering making an investment, or have already made an investment and feel you need the advice of a skilled fraud lawyer, do not wait! Call the best Tampa lawyer with the experience necessary to give you the help you need. Call S. David Anton of Anton Legal Group!

S. David Anton is a member of Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association (PIABA) the preeminent national wide organization of attorneys who represent brokerage firm customers in disputes with the industry.  He is also a Certified Securities Arbitrator with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), formerly NASD and resolves disputes between investors and stockbrokers, investment advisers and their firms. He has been practicing law since 1985 and representing brokerage firm customers since 1999.  He is a Tampa, Florida based attorney who can handle securities arbitration anywhere in the U.S.