Con artists and a defrauders take every opportunity to solicit a scam on unsuspecting people, particularly under the premise of a recent natural disaster, such as the devastation which occurred as a result of the Japanese earthquake or the recent tornadoes which destroyed people’s lives and home right here on our own soil.  They seek to capitalize on the events by linking a product or service to rebuilding efforts.  Often these perpetrators are aggressive and make misleading and optimistic statements about their scheme.

FINRA issued an investment alert on May 4, 2011, warning investors of the dangers of the fraudulent investment schemes.  Read more about the alert here.

The bottom line?  Beware of unsolicited communication by telephone, email, fax, text message, tweets,  blogs and message boards.  Red flags include touting new technology aimed at the clean-up process of the area affected by the natural disaster, the mention of links to government agencies and low prices with big predictions.  If it sounds to good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS.

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