Top 10 Mistakes During A Divorce

During a divorce action, there are many factors to consider, some good and some bad. Today we will discuss the bad in THE TOP 10 MISTAKES DURING A DIVORCE. These are all involving critical factors that lead to a better verdict, a more efficient proceeding, and a happier ending.  Lets take a look at some of these mistakes:

10. Representing yourself during a contested divorce – The majority of Judges frown upon unrepresented parties in a contested divorce. When many experienced Attorneys get a divorce, they often hire another Attorney for the objectiveness of opinion, since the admittance of evidence is compromised when an Attorney represents themselves. If you have a difference of opinion regarding child custody, alimony, equitable distribution, or your spouse has an Attorney, call us today at 813-443-5249 to schedule your consultation.

9. Expecting that the Florida Family Law system will be fair, and easy to navigate – The honest truth is that the Florida Family Law court system is a complex system to navigate, even with the aid of a well seasoned Attorney. The expectation of “true justice” is sometimes unrealistic, as some parties become unethical when trying the divorce action. By having the Anton Legal Group in your corner, you can rest assured that your interests, needs, and rights will be protected to the fullest.

8. Hiding or Failing to Produce Documents – During a divorce, you have every right to transparency of finances. There have been many cases of a divorce becoming a complex one after the realization of documentation not being presented. Experienced attorneys produce these documents quickly, as to not take the time of the court, and to make the proceeding efficient and effective. When refusal of document production occurs, the derelict party is often discredited, essentially effecting the overall ruling.

7. Settling Without Proper Analysis of Your Case – Though divorce can be an unpleasant and tedious scenario, many make the mistake of settlement without a proper analysis. The urge to settle in a effort to speed up the process is strong and sometimes unbearable, but control must override this urge. By educating yourself, and carefully analyzing your situation, you retain the power of knowledge during the “equitable distribution” portion of the proceeding. If you would like an anticipated divorce analysis, call us today at 813-443-5249 to discuss your case.

6. Failing to Try to Resolve the Case Outside of the Family Law Court System – As stated above, you should analyze your situation carefully before making, or accepting a settlement agreement. To each Yin, there is a Yang, and this scenario is no different. Experienced Attorneys partnered with reasonable spouses can often settle the cases outside of the courtroom, making the process more effective, efficient, and less costly. Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are just two options for settlements. By settling without a judges involvement, you are also insuring that both parties have an equal say as to the outcome, rather than a third party, insuring a more fair result. If you are interested in Mediation, or Collaborative Divorce, please call us today at 813-443-5249.

5. Being Economically Irrational During Settlement Negotiations – Sentimental value is something that cannot be priced, but needs to be evaluated during the negotiation period of a divorce. The actual value, not matter how “close to your heart”, plays no consequence  in Family Law Court. By being reasonable during the equitable distribution phase, you can negotiate your needs and interest, while also making the process smoother and more effective.

4. Not Asking Questions, or Signing Documents without Questions – When you are under the care of an Attorney, it is very easy to just accept proceedings without and question. The Anton Legal Group will educate you and make a fair assessment about your case and your scenario. Once the client is fully informed, will field any questions that may arise, no matter how small or large.

3. Withholding Information from Your Attorney – By not disclosing proper financial information and future plans to your Attorney, you not only hinder the process, but you also extend the period of action by both parties.

2. Being a Hindrance to the Court and/or Your Attorney – A number of people believe that since they are financially responsible for the compensation of the Attorneys, and Court Costs that they have the right to free speech. This is entirely false. The ideal litigant focuses on assistance as to get the best possible outcome possible.


1. Withholding Information From the Court – If you make it to the trial phase of your divorce action, there is little more to rely on other than your credibility. This credibility play a key role when the Judge makes a decision as to who is lying and who is telling the truth. If you are lying to a Judge in his/her courtroom, not only is it a crime, but your attorney is obligated to stop the proceeding to inform the court that you are misrepresenting the truth. If there are some sensitive facts surrounding your case, discuss them with your Attorney, but never lie in a Family Law Court.

If you have any questions concerning any of these facts discussed above, call the Anton Legal Group today at 813-443-5249 for your divorce needs and concerns.