Tampa Parental Permission & Medical Consent Form

When the magical “Weekend without the kids!” presents itself, parents everywhere believe they have thought of everything. The kids are packed, and so are they. Everyone has readied their travel plans by filling up the car, going to the ATM, and finally dropping the kids off at their grandparents.

Even with emergency numbers left behind, just in case the unthinkable happens, sometimes a nasty fall or an allergic reaction can require immediate care – before a parent or guardian can appear and provide approval for treatment. It is important to understand that unless your child is in a life-threatening situation, a parent or guardian must provide approval to proceed with medical care.

If you are 300 miles away from the care center, getting there in time to approve the treatment your child needs can leave them suffering for hours from their injury. Keep in mind these instances can go both ways. If your child is away at camp, or traveling with their school or sports team, they can be hours away from your medical approval. To help alleviate the anxiety of handling a medical issue from afar, below you will find aMedical Authorization Form that will allow your child to be treated immediately simply by having your consent on file.

Whether it is work-related travel plans, or an exceptionally planned romantic weekend away, parents cannot always be at arm’s length. In these cases, a loved one or sitter is charged with the child’s wellbeing:including the fun trips to the park and the unexpected trips to the emergency room.

This form can be copied, filled out, and signed to be on file at daycare facilities, with coaches, parents, family members or anywhere your child spends time away from you. In fact, if you find yourself in a position where your home is the central hub of your minor’s social gatherings, this form can be used by their parents as well – leaving any necessary trips to emergency care centers covered until their parents arrive.

There isn’t a parent in the world who can keep their kid from getting sick or being injured while they are away, but you can ensure they will receive the care they need by having a consent form on hand in your absence.

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