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Corporate Fraud and Internet Scams

Victims of internet scams and phishing emails aren’t just stereotypical newcomers to the computer age who’ve never used email. According to a recent report, 45 percent of phishing scams detected in January 2012 spoofed banks. [1] Corporate fraud is also rampant on the World Wide Web. FINRA tells the story of a company who, in 2004, stole the […]

Securities Fraud: Top 5 Warning Signs of Gold Investment Fraud (Cont.)

In my last blog I gave you a little bit of an introduction to gold stocks securities fraud, and some of the misrepresentation that can be used to defraud investors in these types of markets. Today, I want to make a list of warning signs you can look for that may tell you if an investment […]

Gold Investment Securities Fraud

  Why Gold has Turned into Securities Fraud The price of gold has reached an all time high. So has securities fraud designed to cash in on America’s get-rich-quick dreams. There have been multiple actions recently against those comitting gold stocks securities fraud. In one action brought against a brokerage firm in Florida by the CFTC (Commodity […]

Stockbroker Fraud: Beat the Sharks (Cont.)

Stockbroker Fraud FINRA Study In one of my last blogs on stockbroker fraud, I started a list of of common mistakes investors make, and how common they really are. Today, I’m going to continue to arm you with valuable information to help protect you from securities fraud. These are statistics compiled from a survey taken by […]

SEC Charges Latvian with Securities Fraud

Account Hijacking Securities Fraud In today’s digital world, most trading is done, in some way, online. So, it is no surprise that account hijacking is the most recent type of securities fraud on the lips of every broker and securities attorney. Just this past Thursday, January 26th, Igors Nagaicevs, Latvian trader, was charged with breaking into online brokerage […]

Anton Legal Group – The Front Running Stock Broker Fraud

Definition of the front running stock broker fraud Front running is a type of stock broker fraud where the broker makes securities trades based on information their clients don’t have. Usually this happens when a stock broker finds out a firm will, in the future, be marketing a particular stock product, which will inevitably drive up the […]

Stockbroker Fraud: Some Tips to Help Mature Investors Beat the Sharks

While this blog series addresses a study contracted by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) in 2007 targeting investors age 55-64, the information contained herein is a warning to all inventors by your friendly neighborhood fraud lawyer, regardless of your age. [1] This survey was intended to document behavioral norms in regards to risk and openness […]

Investigate Before You Invest (Part 2)-Anton Legal Group

  In my last blog, this Tampa lawyer started detailing the process of how to investigate an investment. Today, I’ll continue and conclude my insights on best investment practices that will help you avoid the need for securities mediation, securities arbitration, or civil litigation. Step 3. Compare the risks with the potential rewards. With investments, there […]

Anton Legal Group-Investigate Before You Invest

In my last blog on securities arbitration, I promised to talk about how to investigate your broker or brokerage firm before you invest, and help save yourself from the need for securities litigation.  Step 1. Investigate the licensing of the broker and brokerage firm. Investigate the license of all parties involved before you consider if you’d […]