Divorce Case Analysis

Uncontested Divorce: What to Consider

When deciding to end a marriage, there are a host of decisions from equitable distribution to custody and timesharing.  While this process is commonly drawn out and incredibly complicated, more couples are turning towards uncontested divorce. uncontested divorce involves couples that are able to reach an agreement on all separation issues such as spousal support, […]

Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce both spouses and their attorneys must agree, in writing, to use their best efforts to negotiate a settlement of the divorce action. Both attorneys and both spouses have considerable incentive to successfully conclude acollaborative divorce in tampa negotiated settlement of your case. This is because part of the written agreement requires […]

Uncontested Divorce

In the vast majority of divorce actions spouses resolve their issues through agreements prior to engaging in contested litigation. In most cases it just makes sense to do so as opposed to having a stranger impose these decision upon you and your family. When there is little or no disagreement between both spouses early on […]